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Permanent Make Up - Lash Line

Don't let smudged eye liner reck your day

I know every woman spends hours of their life making sure your their eye liner is perfect, well now you don't have to. Let Kayti take the work out of your eye liner being perfect every day!

Closed Eye

Eye Line
Top Enhance Liner $300
Lash Enhance & Line $400


The answer to your daily eye liner problems is permanent make up.

What to expect during your appointment.


Your technician will chat with you about your eye liner shape preferences then map out directly on your skin how your new liner will look. Before the treatment a numbing cream is used to make the service comfortable. During your appointment your technician will go over how to care for your brows as they heal. Before you leave your Touch Appointment will be booked to keep your eye liner on schedule for perfection.

*Follow up appointment must be made within 4 weeks of initial appointment or there will a touch up fee charged

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