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How the process works...

Permanent Make up is essentially “ cosmetic tattooing”. During your appointment your skin, face structure and current pigmentation will be analyzed to come up with a detailed design that beautifully integrates with your features and results in a natural looking appearance without the hassle of applying make up daily.

Does it hurt?

Many clients describe it as very tolerable, one client told me it feels like someone is holding an electric tooth brush to her face.


I would love to tell you that it is absolutely painless but the truth is that there is some discomfort. A numbing cream is applied which makes the tattooing more comfortable.

Before and After


Brow Tattoo

Lash Line

Eye Liner Tattoo


Lip Tattoo

Meet Your Artist

Brittany's Bio Picture
Brittany Script

My name is Brittany and I love all things beauty related.

I am a dedicated mother to my six children, a Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Permanent Make up Artist and a CNA.


I started my career in Texas 15 years ago. As a Cosmetologist I realized there was a great need for a more permanent solution to constantly drawing on our eyebrows and liners. I started researching permanent make up and soon had my Brows done, I was hooked! Gone were the days of standing in the mirror and trying to make sure my lines were perfect but also worrying I might smudge them throughout the day. 

Over the years I have honed my skills to bring you looks you can be confident in, that are smudge proof no matter where your life takes you.


I look forward to meeting you and bringing your face to life with permanent make up.

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